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Pacific Diversified Components, Inc.

PDC was founded in 1991 with a very simple approach to doing business... "...KEEP THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY..." And they will come back.  In our 22+ years serving the Electronics Industry we have proudly earned an excellent  reputation for great service, honesty, and resourcefulness.  Let us prove it to you.  Send us your RFQ's today.

If it's on a circuit board we sell it!

Amplifiers, RF Barrier Strips Batteries, Chargers & Battery Holders, Cable Assemblies, Capacitors, Chokes & Coils, Computer Products, Board Level Connectors & Accessories, Crystals, Crystal Mounts, Insulators & Accessories, Delay Lines, Diodes, Disk Drives, Displays, Fans, Blowers & Accessories, Fasteners, Ferrite Cores & Materials, Filters, EMI/RFI, Fuses, Circuit Breakers & Fuseholders, Hardware, Headers, Heatsinks & Heat Exchangers, ICs, Application Specific (ASICs), ICs, Linear, ICs, Memory Circuits (Includes RAMs & PROMs), ICs, Microprocessors, ICs, PLDs (Includes PALs & PLAs), ICs, TTL & ECL, MOS & CMOS, Inductors, Infrared Devices & Instrumentation, Insulators, Knobs, Dials & Pushbuttons, Lamps, LEDs, Lights & Accessories, Memories, Add-on/Add-in & Memory Modules, Memory Cards & Accessories, Meters, Microwave Components & Instruments, Modems, Motors, Motor Controls & Accessories, Optoelectronic Devices, Oscillators, Outlets, Receptacles & Strips, Plugs, Jacks & Probes, Potentiometers, Trimmers & Rheostats, Power Supplies, Rectifiers & Assemblies, Regulators, Voltage, Relays, Solenoids, Contractors & Relay Sockets, Resistors, Networks, Thermistors & Varistors, SCRs, Triacs & Diacs, Sensors, Sockets, Spacers & Standoffs, Speakers, Alarms, Audio Equipment & Indicators, Surge Protection, Switches & DIP Switches, Telecommunications Products, Temperature Controls & Indicators, Terminal Blocks, Boards & Strips, Terminals & Terminations, Thermostats, Timers & Time Switches, Tools, Transformers, Transistors (Includes FETs & MOSFETs), Tubes, Electron & Vacuum, Tubing & Sleeving (Includes Heatshrinkable), Wire

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